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Saving Grace is a company founded on the principal of supporting women- and support being the operative word. We stand behind those who are advocates of openly breast feeding in public and those that aren't. We support those who make the decision to breast feed and those that chose not to or aren't able. Supporting all mother's and making the journey more pleasant and comfortable is what we do, and we wholly advocate and respect the different choices and parenting styles each woman chooses to make. 
That being said, we've created our nursing covers to reflect the same notion; no two moms are the exact, and therefore have different needs. So, our nursing covers are intended to be a multi-purpose item for the multi-faceted world in which we live. Aside from acting as a cover for which to nurse, they also double as a wonderful sun shade to use while on a walk in the stroller or while your little one takes a nap on your shoulder. They're also perfect to use as a baby carrier cover as well as a changing mat cloth. Perfect for any mom, dad, and/or caregiver!