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Saving Grace REVERSIBLE Nursing Covers, Cambaya Mexican  & Embroidered Cotton

Designed in California and individually handmade by a team of mothers in Sayulita, Mexico Saving Grace's Reversible Nursing Cover features 100% Embroidered White Cotton on one side, and 100% Cambaya Mexican Fabric (100% Acrylic) on the opposite. The adjustable neckline allows for the mother and infant to connect comfortably while nursing, meanwhile the large cover size (approximately 36" by 28") affords both mom and infant the extra privacy desired while nursing.

Stylish, ALL-PURPOSE Blanket intended uses, are:  

  1. Reversible: Think 2 styles in one, plus the added confidence from a sturdier, thicker, yet breathable cover.
  2. Nursing & Naps: Plastic Band near the neck area, allows mother and baby to connect and observe while infant nurses or naps, while also gracefully blocking out the outside world’s plethora of distractions, as well as from curious onlookers 
  3. Diaper-Changing Pad Cover: The cover is large enough to double as a changing pad cloth--less gear is always a plus! Great when using public changing stations!
  4. Baby-wearing Accessory: use blanket to cover infant from cold and sunlight Very handy when out and about on your outing of choice: strolls, hikes, etc.
  5. Burping Cloth
  6. Tummy-Time blanket
  7. What to do when you no longer need your Saving Grace Versatile Nursing Cover? If you are no longer nursing, baby wearing, diaper-changing, tummy-timing and providing a soft barrier from your infant/toddler and public spaces? We suggest removing the boning and straps, so you will have your own baby blanket to use for whatever purpose: nostalgia, or just a fav blankie!  

    About the Fabric & Care:

    Mexican Cambaya fabric is made of very soft, lightweight resistant synthetic fiber called polyséda (acrylic). It is  machine washable at low temperatures and conveniently will not fade. The fabric dries fast, so please dry flat or tumble dry low. The reverse side is 100% embroidered cotton and is also machine washable. Just follow the instructions on product's care label and enjoy!

    *Color on Display: Black

    Sorry, Turquoise, Royal Blue & Black are temporarily SOLD OUT. We are making more and will update website once they are ready. New Colors will be available too, such as: yellow, red, white.