All-Purpose Baby Blanket & Stylish Accessory for Moms & Babies
Beautiful, lightweight, breathable, natural baby blankets, made by people with the passion and love for textiles and the arts.  Our product  is high-quality, unique while also globally & eco-consciously-made. An ideal product for the parents who are on the move, but still remain extremely present. 

Use for Nursing,  Privacy,  Baby-Wearing/Baby-Carrier Accessory, Public Surface Shield, Sunshield, Breathable Blanket, On-the-go Tummy Time,  Diaper Changing Blanket...  The new MUST-HAVE baby gear item for your diaper bag.

Stylish, ALL-PURPOSE Blanket intended uses, are:  

  1. Reversible: Think 2 styles in one
  2. Nursing & Naps: Plastic Band near the neck area, allows mother and baby to connect and observe while infant nurses or naps, while allowing plenty of air flow and shade
  3. Diaper-Changing Pad Cover: The cover is large enough to double as a changing pad cloth--less gear is always a plus! Great when using public changing stations!
  4. Baby-wearing Accessory: use blanket to cover infant from cold and sunlight. Very handy when out and about on your outing of choice: strolls, hikes, errands, and keeping up with your other kids
  5. Burping Cloth
  6. Tummy-Time blanket 
*Photo of Caitlin in Sayulita, Mexico while nursing daughter to sleep on the sunny beach.

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