A multi-use nursing cover, responsibly made by mothers with love. Beautiful, lightweight, breathable, natural nursing covers, made by people with the passion for creative craft. My inspiration behind this product was for an essential line of all-purpose covers for breastfeeding, providing shade, diaper-changing blankets, along with travel, everyday use, and beyond! The first collection was inspired while visiting Sayulita, Mexico. We worked with a small community of women there, using artisanal fabrics from that region, creating an environment to support themselves and their families in the process.The second collection was created in San Francisco by men and women, both mothers and fathers, again supporting local and sustainable practices. The fabrics used for this line is all fairly-traded, such as hemp, bamboo and organic cotton. We like to work with local talent, give back to the community and always produce ethically and with sustainability in mind. Dedicated to both social and environmental good.

    Photo of Founder, Caitlin, in Mexico on the beaches of Sayulita,  nursing daughter to sleep under the sun with her first ever created Saving Grace

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